About Hattons Hobby Cars

Some of you who view my old car website will be interested in what this hobby means to me and why I continue collecting cars.

I am a farmer who lives in South Florida and grows vegetables, mainly sweet corn and green beans, on farms boarding Lake Okeechobee. Our farm also grows sugar cane which is processed into sugar locally and then sold nationally. I have been blessed to do this work for more than forty years. More recently, for the last several years, I have owned several NAPA auto and truck parts stores in our farming areas.

My main focus and reason for owning old cars is the joy of driving them. I also enjoy their beauty and appreciate what the auto industry did to propel decades of positive change and growth in America. The American automobile industry previously led the world in car sales volume, innovative mechanical engineering as well as body styling.

All of my cars operate well and I drive each of them every month. Driving them isĀ  the best way to keep them in good condition. This to me is the fun in the hobby! I keep all of them in air-conditioned climate controlled garages, on locations near my farms in South Florida and another in North Florida.

I have only cars in good condition. I do not restore cars. I love driving them and maintaining them in good condition to both pass on to others occasionally, and, to one day leave them as a historical legacy for future generations to enjoy and see examples of automobile design as rolling art work. To me, these examples trump efficiency, light weight plastic, smallness, and uninteresting examples of more recent years.

I began my hobby in 1970 when I bought a really great 1947 Plymouth coupe for $350.00*. Since that time I have added many more cars to my collection, and have needed to sell some during that time. It seems that I look back and always regret having sold any of them over the years. But being a little practical and having an extremely practical wife, I sometimes need to sell one to make room for another that has new interest to me. This is part of the reason that the website is available for your viewing. I extend many thanks to my young friend, Rich Johnston, who has made this possible by designing, creating, and managing this site.